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Weightloss journey is hard. Don’t believe anyone who says that it isn’t. Don’t trust anyone or anything that says that you can lose weight fast without much struggle or effort, they are lying. It takes time, courage, dedication. The hardest thing is probably trying to change your diet & learn to exercise portion control. At least it is like that for me. It is never easy to change your eating habits that you have acquired for all your life. To some of you, eating healthy is totally new and you will be afraid to try out new things you’ve never eaten. It’s almost a struggle everyday and trying to say no to things you are used to eating or want to have. 

But you know what? At the end of the day, weightloss is something that is possible. You will experience ups and downs, you will experience plateau, you will feel like giving up, you will feel like it is impossible. But at the end of the day, your efforts will be paid off. Your body doesn’t lie, it is the most accurate journal of your eating habits and the workouts you do. It will pay off. Just commit to it for 3 months. Believe me, 3 months can do wonders. Let’s do this together & let’s forget our past failures. Let’s do this all over again. Let’s watch what we eat and exercise. You can do this.

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